Samssara is a niche quant analytics firm providing end-to-end services in the areas of quantitative trading, investment,
optimization and analytics space to clients globally.


Samssara uses a mix of mathematical models and high end algorithms to devise algorithmic trading strategies.

Samssara works with statistical tools and formulas that identify repetitive patterns in various asset classes like equity, currency and commodity.


Samssara takes a 100% disciplined and systematic approach to trading strategy development with the no manual intervention once the strategy goes live.

We work with out clients to help them identify very strict and stringent historical trading patterns which have repeatedly been successful in the past.


Samssara services has taken an unconventional leap in various areas like technical trading, FX advisory, etc. by developing ground-breaking trading strategies for their clients.

Samssara works with their clients on all aspect of money management like risk, returns, stop losses etc.

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1304, Eco Star, Near Udipi Vihar Hotel, Off. Aarey Road, Vishveshwar Nagar, Goregaon(East), Mumbai-400063, India

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